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Soft Plastic Baits
Lit'l Hustlers Scale Head Lit'l Hustlers
Tri-Color Lit'l Hustlers Glow Lit'l Hustlers
Pro Series Hustler Rainbow Tube
1.5" Bi-Color Hustler Crappie Slug
Umbrella Crappie Tube Crappie Magnum
1.5" Lit'l Hustler Core Colors 2" Minnow Tube
1.5" Hot Tube 1.5" Pro Crappie Tube
1.75" Super Tube Capps & Coleman Crappie Tube
1.5" Crappie Shad 2.5" Bass Shad
Stinger Shad Crappie Stinger
2" Crappie Stinger Hot Crappie Stinger
Panfish Stinger 1.5" Teaser Tail
Triple Tip Grub Hot Grubs
1.5" Lit'l Hard Head Tube Frog
Tiny Worm Lit'l Fiddle Legs
Crappie Critter Crappie Craw
4" Flippin Craw 2.5" Walleye Tube
1.5" Trout Tube 1.5" Crappie Beetle
4" Flipping Tube 4.5" Tournament Tube
Spinnerbaits, Hooks and Accessories
Weed Guard   
Jig Heads
Leadheads Creek Runners
Painted Heads Rattle Eyes
Painted Minnow Heads Hot Heads
Teaser Heads   
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