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Crappie Stinger
The crappie stinger pairs a tube body with a soft, whip-like tail. Easily fishes with a variety of jigheads, both inside and outside the body. Length: 1.5"
[CST01] - Red/White [CST02] - Blue/White [CST03] - Yellow/White
[CST04] - Pearl [CST05] - Black/White [CST06] - Red/Chart.
[CST07] - Black/Firetail [CST08] - Hot Pink/White [CST09] - Black/Lime Spk.
[CST10] - Red/Chart. Spk. [CST11] - Black/Chart. Spk. [CST12] - White/Chart.
[CST13] - Black/Chart. [CST14] - Silver/White [CST15] - Chart./White
[CST16] - Silver/Chart.    
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